Vetexplus VP-800 Handheld Walkie-Talkie

Vetexplus VP-800 is a heavy-duty walkie-talkie model that has a long time battery backup. The 245-246 MHz is enough to constantly talk. 1-watt output power let the user use the set conveniently. It has an elegant outlook with a handy facility. There is no talk drop-off while using. This model can be the best choice for nonstop instant communication.


General Specifications

Frequency Range: 245-246MHz
Channel Capacity: 16 channels
Operating Voltage: 7.4 V DC
Operating mode: simple or half-duplex
Battery Life: 2000mAh (More than 20 Hours ),
Operating Temperature: -20°C +55°C
Size: 100mm×58mm×34mm (not including antenna)
Weight: 190g (with battery, antenna)
Transmitter (ETSI EN 300 086 standard testing )
Frequency Stability: ±2.5ppm
Output Power: 1W
Max Frequency Deviation: ≤5KHz / 2.5KHz
Audio Distortion: ≤5%
Modulation character: +3dB~-3dB
Adjacent Channel Power: ≥65dB
Spurious Radiation: ≤7.5uW
Occupied Bandwidth: ≤16KHz

Receiver (ETSI EN 300 086 standard testing)

RF Sensitivity: ≤-120.0dBm
Audio distortion: ≤5%
Audio Response: +2~-10dB45d
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥60dB
Intermodulation Rejection: ≥55dB
Spurious Rejection: ≥55dB
Blocking: ≥85dB

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