Vetexplus VP-1000 Powerful Metal Detector

This product is widely used in airports, industrial zones, government buildings, schools, hospitals, meeting places, sports, etc. The equipment will round when target metals were detected. With the high detection sensitivity to detect the 25 cent coins. When large objects were measured prolonged sound can be heard, and short sounds can be heard when small targets were measured. In addition, rechargeable nickel-based batteries can be used as a separated power supply. And charge the battery within the detector. (Should be matching dedicated charger) .

Vetexplus VP-1000 Powerful Metal Detector

Product Parameters

1.Alarm Indication : Audio alert and LED indicator and Vibration can work together,with headphone output.(headphone is optional accessory )

2.Sensitivity :≥6cm(for a RMB one YUAN Coin)

3.Power Supply:9V fold battery (6F22ND),can connect with recharger,(recharger is optional accessory)

4.Quiescent Current :<5.1mA Operation Current:Audio and LED<20mA ,Vibration<70mA

5.Body Size:420*80*40mm

6.Net Weight: 330g   Gross Weight: 406g

7.Color Box size:425*100*55mm

8.Package Size:51*28*45cm (25pcs/carton,11kg/carton)

Feature and Application

1. Red LED display

2. Dropmin button: being able to decrease 50% sensitivity of the detector. It can be used on the floor near which contains a large number of steel bars or used to detect large metal objects.

3. Headphone jack: Under the occasion that the detection results only need to be known to the user, the headphone can be used to insert into the headphone jack.


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