Vetexplus VP-101 Hidden Metal Detector

Simple to use, convenient, Change, and easy. The sensitivity is high, can survey ferrous metal and nonferrous metals. There will be automatic continuous sounds that will report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance when the battery is insufficient in voltage. Have (or vibration) and warning function at the same time of light when detecting the metal.

Vetexplus VP-101 Hidden Metal Detector

Product Specification

Operating frequency: 20Khz

Weight: 272g (including the battery)

Size : Length : 420mm

width              : 138mm

Height            : 110mm

Handle measurement: 30X30mm

Regulate the way: Manual

Indicator: BZ, vibration motor

Battery: A9V battery (suitable working for 40 hours normally)

Control: Circulation switch (ON, OFF, a sound

of light and mode of vibration.


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